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There are several reasons why your company may be planning to move location or to simply re-locate an office/department. Generally, the reason will fall into one of the following categories; Expansion & Growth, Reduce Costs, Consolidating Offices, Lease Renewal & Expiration, Access to New Markets and Reorganization or Better Facilities.

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Whatever the reason, the odds are that your employees will be unsettled about the change that lies ahead within their workplace. People do not always react positively to change. Therefore, it is important to implement Change Management into the workplace.

Key to Change Management is communication. Communicating with the employees about the office move on a regular basis is fundamental to keeping them in the loop and ensuring that hearsay is kept to a minimum. Let employees know about the move as soon as possible. It is equally important to provide the opportunity for employees to ask you questions about the move; the communication should go two ways.

Ask for your employees’ thoughts about how the new office space will work and how things could be set up for efficiency, staff enjoyment and the overall working environment. Find out if there are things about the current (old) office that didn’t work and that might be improved in the new office space. The more staff feel involved in the decision-making process, the greater the input and team support.


As well as keeping your staff on board with the proposed office relocation the key to a smooth office move is to break down the office relocation project into a series of simple tasks & checks to ensure that your office move is managed efficiently & effectively - from both a financial & operational perspective.

Whether you have outgrown your current office space or are looking for a better location to work from, moving to another location is a huge decision for companies. Before you start planning the move, you need to understand whether it is the right decision for your company at this time. Consider your motivation for relocating; for example, do you need more space to recruit new staff or do you need to move closer to your target market? Whatever the motivation you will to consider the layout of the new office/s. Will your existing furniture fit? What is the most efficient, cost effective layout? Do you need additional workstations, smaller workstations? Do you need to blend new office furniture with existing office furniture? Do you need to make your existing furniture work for you in a new environment? What are your décor options?

There are so many questions and decisions to make. LOF Direct can assist you with all these questions, taking all of your troubles away. With over 90 years of experience between us, here at LOF Direct we have a dedicated team of experts skilled in office relocation re-design, Fitouts, Commercial Interior Design, Office layout and Office furniture.

We have completed many successful relocation projects all over the UK; some with Local Authority Councils.

Talk to us about making your relocation a happy experience for you and your employees.

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