The Advantages of Bench Desks and Bench Desking

We will put the two desk ideas together here

- The idea of a bench desk in general

- Working practices

What exactly are the plus points of these two notions?

LOF Direct Bench Desking Narbutas Versa Formetiq

More space - Bench desks, either for one person or more, are designed to save space. They can easily be put up against a wall, under a window, or placed in rows. When you consider the flip side of this, i.e. curved desks or L shaped desks, you’ll see how much space is saved, cutting down on wasted room within the office.

Flexible for future expansion - You might not have the first idea at this point, but if you decide to expand your business, and therefore expand your workforce in the future, you’re going to need more desks - those staff need somewhere to sit! If you have a range of different desk shapes to fit into the room, the jigsaw just isn’t going to work! If you have bench desks, you can arrange these in a huge range of different shapes and plans, giving you much more flexibility for both now, in the future, and for any renovations, you might simply feel like doing.

Cost effective - Because of the flexibility aspect, bench desks are much more cost effective, because they are likely to last you longer. You’ll also find that this type of desk is very easy to find, in whatever colour you want, and that means the cost is lower than the more unusual shapes, or the larger shapes. Think about it - large curved desks use more wood, so they’re bound to be more expensive!

A range of styles and colours available - You don’t have to go with block wooden colours in a flat surface design, as there are many different colours and designs around these days. This means you can create an attractive style for your office, but remember to make sure that you don’t go too ‘out there’, and you stick with a design, which is going to stand the test of time - office furniture can be expensive to replace otherwise!

The option of storage - Most bench desks are high enough and large enough to fit a storage cabinet underneath, and many come with inbuilt drawers, if that is the option you require. Again, shop around and find the best choice for you.

Suitable for wide range of technology - Bench desks are smaller than curved desks or L shaped desks, but they are still large enough for all types of technology, e.g. desktop computers, laptops or tablets. Remember, desktops are much more streamlined than they have ever been before!

Bench desking encourages collaboration and communication - Having several members of staff sat around one large bench desk is the ideal way to boost idea sharing and communication between staff members. This can boost morale, help with projects, and means a much more productive, and higher standard of work, which does require that collaborative and brainstorming element.

Bench desking can work hand in hand with the ‘hot-desking’ idea – Hot-desking is when no member of staff has an allocated desk, and they sit where they feel the need to sit for that day, e.g. next to someone they are collaborating with on a project. Bench desking can facilitate this, whilst meaning only one large desk is required, as opposed to several smaller ones - again, more cost effective, and space effective too.

Bench desking can be used hand in hand with other working practices There is nothing stopping you from incorporating regular working practices alongside bench desking, or even hot-desking at the same time. It all really comes down to what works for your particular business, but the options mean extra flexibility for managers to think about, in collaboration with their staff.

LOF Direct Bench Desking Narbutas Versa Formetiq top view

By now, you should be pretty sold on the idea of bench desks, and possibly the idea of bench desking too. Perhaps this working practice isn’t right for your business, and that’s fine, but the idea of bench desks in general is a very positive one for every single office space. The idea of cutting down on wasted space, saving money, and decorating your office in a way that will stand the test of time, is a huge plus point all around.

How do you feel about bench desking as a working practice? Is it something you feel you could make use of in your office? Alternatively, as an employee, is it something you would enjoy or feel inspired by?

Bench desks in general are a fantastic addition to your space…look further into LOF Direct's office furniture ranges and you will, we are sure, see something you like…..

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