What is a Bench Desk?

A bench desk is a long rectangular shaped desk that can offer workstation space to several employees at the same time. It is, in its’ basic form, a table which may or may not have drawers to one side underneath.

Perhaps the biggest driver in the popularity of the bench desk has been the big changes in the way offices are laid out.

15-20 years ago, it was the norm for businesses to split departments into separate workspaces and offices separated by long corridors. This has now changed completely, and more companies are electing to create open plan spaces.

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Today, open plan is the preferred layout for many businesses and Bench desks are a popular choice in this environment as they offer simplicity, cost effectiveness, and they save a lot of space.

To add a hint of modern style to your office design you can opt for many different colours, such as grey, or even white desks. The more traditional finishes are available too. Typically, Bench desks share components to create less leg clutter - and normally feature great cable management solutions too. Sliding tops, cable risers, drawers and power management.

Just as businesses and office working practices are changing to accommodate new technology - the world of office desks is changing faster than ever before.

Office computing technology has got significantly smaller reducing the need for significant amounts of desk space for office workers.

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In addition, increasing digital working has resulted in the general reduction in the amount of paper used by offices and the amount of storage needed by employees.

Using bench desks enables businesses to accommodate more office workers in the same amount of space, whist simultaneously dedicating more space to other purposes.

The recession saw a big increase in the popularity of bench desks. As office-fitting budgets began to be squeezed, businesses began to turn to the bench desk in an effort to reduce costs.

Bench desks are the ideal space and cost-saving solution for large open plan offices, and with more and more businesses changing the layouts of their premises every year, they’re becoming increasingly popular.

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