Employee Branding

Employer Branding is a powerful HR tool. Employer Branding sends out a message about the organisation – about its values, approach to employees and the culture of operation.


The happiness and perceptions of current employees have as much to do with a company’s branding success as potential salaries or vacation packages.

Branding is an important marketing tool for any business organization. However, it is not limited to external factors like social media, advertising, etc. Your workspace should also be an integral part of your branding. Various studies have shown how office design affects the way businesses are perceived by potential employees and clients.

It’s also no longer just the monetary appeal of a position that comes into play when potential recruits are seeking jobs, as a company must be able to gain rank and visibility in the vast sea of competition. Well planned office design, clearly conveying the company ethos can be the integral to delivering the ‘wow’ factor to new prospective employees and clients


When planning or redesigning the office space the new design should reflect the company vision. Your branding efforts should put the spotlight on the work culture of the organisation so that a potential client or employee gets a clear picture of the business.

Take a critical look into your office space. Imagine you are a new prospective employee or client. What would your first impression be? Is the space comfortable, spacious and functional? Consider various facets of the office; does it contain smart storage, optimal lighting, office traffic management patterns, etc? These could be highlighted as the unique features of your branding initiative.

Employee experience is one aspect that is overlooked by many organizations. This could affect your employee retention rate too. Therefore, try to use different tactics to improve their experience with your company. One way of doing this is to add a small gym or some sort of games table eg pool table or table tennis table. This will also encourage interaction between colleagues and give opportunity for competitions, encouraging competitiveness.

Organisations need a well-designed office. Recent research shows approximately 90% of job candidates declare that one of the key elements when selecting an employer is the interior of the office where they would be working.

Another very important, if not the most important, attribute of the employer is the atmosphere prevailing in the organisation and in the office itself. As many as 95% of the surveyed indicate this factor as the most important element when making decisions on undertaking or continuing cooperation with a company.

Workspace branding not only helps to differentiate you from your competitors but also internally boosts your workforce morale. It is something that will happen over a period of time and will help you bring out your distinctiveness.

Ask yourself; is investment in Employee Branding worth it? The answer has to be ‘yes’.

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