Design tricks for your reception area.

Our team at LOF direct have seen a lot of reception areas, delivering to offices or helping clients with design ideas. The reception area is the first thing your client/ customer often encounters first, and with that in mind it needs to work. There are various ways to make this work, let us elaborate……. It all starts with your brand. What is the message you want to send with your reception area? Is it vibrant, fun and energising? Or is it calming, serious, and inviting? Its hard to categorise this on a blog, but here’s a couple of examples.

First of all, somewhere a lot of us have been, the doctors. Nobody really enjoys walking into the doctors, do they? With that in mind we would suggest adding a reception desk that’s calming, welcoming, and practical. Size isn’t always an option, but the more room there is to space patients out, the more your patients will feel at ease talking to you. Think about something that cleans easily, and something with a curve to give that sense of a friendly environment. Remove any clutter from the area, creating a cleaner look. Paint the walls a warm neutral colour with accents of colour in the furniture and wall art, creating a calming atmosphere. You may also want to think about upgrading to a wall mounted tablet to allow patients to check in without having to que at a reception desk. No ques, less clutter, more space! The Dams Denver extra large curved complete reception desk in Beech has a small curve with the elongated side, enough to seat 3 members of staff.

LOF Direct Dams Denver Reception Desk Extra Large Curved DVB04

In contrast our next example is a Gym. You want people to feel energised and motivated. Think about the lighting and don’t be afraid to use coloured LEDs to match your décor selection or branding colours. Select bright white furniture and add plants to give that organic feel of being alive! Our Dams Denver Medium straight complete reception desk would be perfect for a Gym, use 2/3 to create a larger desk depending on the size of business or select our large straight complete reception desk.

Dams Denver Medium Straight Complete Reception Desk DVB01 BWH

There are so many more factors that go with the above to provide that perfect Reception area; graphics, staff, seating, and appearance are just a few of many. 2021 has also seen the rise of the protective screens. These are currently the new normal, but lets hope they don’t stick around forever…….we suggest looking at our freestanding clear acrylic screens, available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

Take a look at our Pinterest board for more ideas on reception areas.

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