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Our new Ergonomic centre is now live over on our website! We pride ourselves on our knowledge on ergonomic products, chairs, desks, and accessories can all play a part in making your workspace more ergonomically friendly.

The new ergonomic centre lists and explains components that make a great ergonomic chair. If you’ve seen the below terminology but you’re not sure on the meanings surrounding it, head over to our ergonomic centre for a brief description on each.

  • Performance Foam Seat
  • Air flo seat
  • Headrest
  • Seat slide
  • Flex front seat
  • Lumbar Support

Lof Direct | Ergonomic Centre

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Sitting in the correct chair can not only prevent health conditions but they can increase productivity and energy in the office.

Many people are now turning to sit stand desks to improve their heath. Public Health England advises that adults should aim to do at least 30 minutes moderate intensity activity daily in order to help prevent or manage many common conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Evidence shows that regular activity also helps keep symptoms under control and prevents additional conditions from developing.

Here's a few tips to improve your workday activity.

  • Make sure you take regular breaks during your working day. If you have a busy schedule, set a timer to move more, and sit less at regular intervals. If you can get away from your desk we suggest going on a short walk.
  • When taking phone calls, use a hands-free telephone so you can move away from your desk if possible. This reduces the time spent looking at a screen and lets you stretch your legs.
  • Swap your desk to a sit stand desk so you can alternate the way you work. I went to my doctors recently and was pleasantly surprised to see him at a standing desk.

If your local to Leicester and would like a consultation on which ergonomic chair would suit you best, pop into our office for a FREE ergonomic chair fitting.

If you are based further afield, why not fill in our form online with your personal details and we can suggest which chair would suit your shape/ size best. Please be as accurate as possible for us to match you up with the best option!

Lof Direct | Ergonomic Centre

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