The Ergonomic Office

With businesses having to look even harder at ways to improve efficiency and profitability in this uncertain ‘Brexit’ period, staff well-being has never been more important.


One way to help improve employee well-being is to offer a working environment that is conducive to providing this. An ‘ergonomic office’ can promote worker well-being and productivity.

An ergonomic office is so much more than chairs that support your back or desks with adjustable table top heights. Whilst both of these products will help protect employees from back problems by providing improved posture, an ergonomic office is about designing or organising workplaces and the products in them so that they are suitable for the people who use them. Emphasis is placed on human comfort and well-being.

Investment in employee well-being saves lost productive days due to sickness, improving efficiency and profitability. Improved well-being also leads to improved general morale within the work place.


Furniture and equipment aren’t the only things to consider when designing an ergonomic office environment. An integrated approach is required, incorporating ergonomics into all areas of the planning.

An ergonomic layout will make the best possible use of the space available, while ensuring workstations, boardrooms, reception areas and storage spaces are all optimally designed with staff well-being and productivity in mind.

In furniture layout planning, ergonomic design includes ensuring appropriate space for staff to move between desks and sizing meeting tables to maximise the number of people who can use them comfortably while ensuring there is sufficient room for easy access and egress.

Due consideration should also be given to lighting. Office lighting that isn’t bright enough or an office that provides too much natural light, can lead to a number of health issues which can include blurred vision, headaches and neck pain.

It is important to ensure that you have the correct amount of light in every part of the workplace.


In addition to chairs, desks and lighting there is a range of accessories that will assist in transforming your office into an ‘ergonomic’ work space:-

· posture aids including back and lumbar supports

· foot rests, supports and rockers

· laptop risers and supports

· tablet and smartphone supports

· keyboards, mice and trackballs

· arm and wrist supports for laptops and desktop computers

· headsets

· writing slopes

· desktop power charging

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